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Sharepoint Bulk approval of items

If you have activated the content approval or even work with an approval workflow to approve items in your list or library you might have recognized that a bulk approval/rejection of items/documents is not possible. This blogpost shows how to create a possibility to bulk approve items/documents.

Therefore custom ribbon buttons are provided which call an application page (one per action, reject, approve, publish). The application page gets the selected items via query string parameter. The processing is done in the application pages, after the page closes the lists are refreshed.

Versioned Comments in SharePoint 2010 lists and libraries

In daily business use it is often required to have comments on your list item or document in a SharePoint 2010 list or library. Before you start: It is recommended to plan this. SharePoint 2010 allows you to configure comments on list items or documents, but you have to do some (ootb) configuration.

Newsletter layout does not support connected web part

Did you know that newsletter layout does not support connected filters in SharePoint 2010. That means that connected filters from a list or library web part does not update the connected web part when the connected web part has configured the newsletter view. What a pitty …

SharePoint 2013 claims a re-thinking of its design approach

Since Microsoft has turned their product strategy with a clear focus on mobile devices also the SharePoint world has been strongly affected. From the beginning of SharePoint server side code was the main approach to solve business needs. With the change of the Microsoft strategy also this common idea became questionable: Client side solutions were strengthened, REST, JavaScript or Web Standards are some of the often heard key words. What are the most interesting changes and new ideas in the “new” UI SharePoint world?

WordPress updates

I really appreciate wordpress for several reasons: Basically I have worked in different projects with the tool, both website and blog focused. In my opinion wordpress is one of the very best examples how open source software can be developed and provided to users.

Dynamic approvers in Sharepoint 2010 approval workflow

I wrote two posts on the issue of having dynamic approvers in Shaerepoint 2010 approval workflow. The requirements are that the approvers have to be managed in a seperate list and the workflow has to be connected to a specific contet type.

Consumerization of IT – bulky?

No, consumerization of IT of course is not bulky. It helps us getting around easier with business IT. But the term is. People do not how to handle this term – especially IT beginners have difficulties to understand. Any ideas to rename? Read more on this issue under

Update: Citizen Card on Mac

Concerning my latest post on this topic I have to do some update: The current update (Java 7-Update) fixed the issue. I am now able to use the Citizen Card again on my Mac. Great.

Latest posts on SharePoint 2010

Check out my latest post on Sharepoint 2010, I posted them on my Tieto blog:

Lessons learned from SharePoint Evolution conference 2013 London
Why webstandards in SharePoint 2010?
Follow the blog, updates soon! :)

Bürgerkarte on Mac OS X 10.7 not working, Hack

here is the hack to get the citizen card working with OSX:,316_offset,10#1812 Problem ocurring on Java 1.7 and Mountain Lion. This is really a hack and uncomfortable for IT enduser. You feel like back in the stone ages hacking around to get things working. Poor that they do not get the citizen card working […]

Sharepoint 2013 new design model

SharePoint 2013 offers a whole new set of design opportunities to designers and developers. The basis for this wohle system is the well known masterpage. The masterpage is now beeing extended by the possibility to import own developed design frameworks (called design files), usually simple sets of html-files with images and CSS. These design files […]

Critical view on social media, modern communication and effects on enterprise 2.0

I can strongly recommend the critical view on social media, modern communication and effects on enterprise 2.0 by Sean McGuire, a colleague of mine. Nice conclusion, I fully support the majority of the arguments – keeping on discussing face to face;) The full blog post can be found here

Xing Connector for Outlook 2013

No good news for MS Outlook 2013 users: I did a short internet research on this topic, with a negative result. Either way it is possible to use the 2010 plugin of Xing, useing an external connector or programming your own one;). Due to my opinion none of the options are acceptable. Does anybody know if Xing will develop a new connector for Outlook 2013?

Security Token Service is unavailable

Having problems with the Security Token Service on Sp 2013 when activating I found a resolution for successful reactivation of the service:

Activate document sets in Sharepoint 2010

Nice and direct online guide for activating and configuring document sets in sharepoint 2010 (de):

How to add costum xsl to your sharepoint view (also works for the webpart view)

If you want to add a costum xsl to your sharepoint list view you can do this by duplicate the existing ones (if they fit to your aims) and add them in SPD 2010 to your list. Act like that: to to /_layouts/xsl/ and locate the xsl you want to edit (e.g. main.xsl or blog.xsl) […]

iPad Camera Connection Kit fails

If you plug in a SD card into your apple camera connection kit bare in mind that the ipad all pictures have to be in the folder DCIM. If this folder does not exist the ipad won`t start the foto app.

10 useful tips and tricks for the IIS rewrite module

10 useful tips and tricks for the IIS rewrite module:

Remove generator tag in Joomla!

To remove the generator tag in the head of your Joomla!-driven site put the following code between <?php and ?>: $this->setGenerator(null);

SharePoint Search Crawl Errors

Common errors for sharepoint search can be found here: My favourite: individual login page;)

Google Weather API

it seems that Google has killed its weather API: Checking a “Sorry” message appears.

WordPress: how to add all categories query to your theme

to solve this visit this page: With the function get_categories you can view a list of categories of your blog.

New here

New here? Just on redesigning my weblog. The homepage is ready until now the archive pages, single page and search page will be published soon too!

Office 365, Lync Settings for Mac

A short guide for the correct Lync/Office 365 for Mac Users can be found here:

Lync on Mac

… installing Lync on my Mac: Download (here:, Installing (Wow 230 MB [!]), Quick Installation, April Update here:, insert Office 365 credentials, Go!

Howto set up a custom error page for SharePoint 2010

A detailed guide can be found here: Be aware that they have mistypped the SharePoint cmd, instead use: Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage -Identity Error -RelativePath “/_layouts/CustomError/error.aspx” -WebApplication <webappURL>

Codeplex mit neuem Design

Microsoft Open Source platform with new design, they may call it “metro-style”;) #

JComments in PhocaDownload Component

Here is the solution to enable JComments for PhocaDownload in Joomla! 2.5:

Open Source CMS auf dem Windows Webserver

Eine sehr gute und einfache Möglichkeit Open Source Systeme auf dem Windows Server einzurichten bietet der Microsoft Webplatform Installer. Damit können ganz einfach .NET aber auch .PHP Anwendungen auf einem Windows Server installiert werden. Hierzu muss der Microsoft Webplatform Installer heruntergeladen und konfiguriert werden. Danach können mit dem Werkzeug so genannte Web Apps installiert werden. […]

Decompile *.dll

Telerik is a nice freeware tool for *.dll/.NET decompiling. Just visit, register once and download …

Google Wave ends

Today Google announced that Google Wave would no longer be developed as a separate product. The say that “At the time, we committed to maintaining the site at least through to the end of 2010. Today, we are sharing the specific dates for ending this maintenance period and shutting down Wave. As of January 31, 2012, all waves will be read-only, and the Wave service will be turned off on April 30, 2012″.

Firefox 8

Soon they will overtake Microsoft`s IE concerning the version number. Nice new feature: groups

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