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Lessons learned from SharePoint Evolution conference 2013 London
Why webstandards in SharePoint 2010?
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Sharepoint 2013 new design model

SharePoint 2013 offers a whole new set of design opportunities to designers and developers. The basis for this wohle system is the well known masterpage. The masterpage is now beeing extended by the possibility to import own developed design frameworks (called design files), usually simple sets of html-files with images and CSS. These design files […]

Critical view on social media, modern communication and effects on enterprise 2.0

I can strongly recommend the critical view on social media, modern communication and effects on enterprise 2.0 by Sean McGuire, a colleague of mine. Nice conclusion, I fully support the majority of the arguments – keeping on discussing face to face;) The full blog post can be found here

Google+, WordPress 3.2 …

Fast kein Tag geht vorbei, ohne dass ich über eine Softwareaktualisierung stolpere: Heute, gleich zwei Stück, einmal Google+ und einmal WordPress 3.2. Das eine eine Social Media Plattform, Konkurrenz zu Facebook (endlich!), das andere ein Blogging-System, meiner Meinung nach funktionell im CMS-Bereich unerreicht.

Thomas Tropper

Thomas Tropper


IT- and Soical Media Consultant, Web-Developer, SharePoint Consultant and Development.

After finishing my Public Management studies in 2006 beginning to work as IT consultant in the field of public sector consultancy. Back then project in the role of project supervisor - also responsible for the implementation of SharePoint based collaboration and social media projects.