Language translation of my blog

I am just translating im weblog into english language completely. Therefore please kindly appologize until everything is fully translated – currently a few sytem files and pages as well as some static content pages are not fully translated from German to English.

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Move from Gmail to

To move from Gmail to is easier than you might think. Just create an profile. After that logon to you profile, go to the options and select the import from other e-mail accounts. Now choose google (enter credentials), that`s it. Finally you have to wait a few hours (depending on the amount of data which has to be imported).

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Sharepoint Bulk approval of items

If you have activated the content approval or even work with an approval workflow to approve items in your list or library you might have recognized that a bulk approval/rejection of items/documents is not possible. This blogpost shows how to create a possibility to bulk approve items/documents.

Therefore custom ribbon buttons are provided which call an application page (one per action, reject, approve, publish). The application page gets the selected items via query string parameter. The processing is done in the application pages, after the page closes the lists are refreshed.

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