Photostream re-activated

I have reactivated my photostream on my weblog. The origninals are hosted on flickr.

All photos are shot with an Fujifilm X-E2. My aim is to do not do any image postprocessing and show the possibilities of the Fujifilm camera – the published photos are JPEGs coming straight out of the camera. Most of them are shot in using the different Fujifilm film simulation modes. I will work on a post showing my presets.

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Fujifilm X-E2 Firmware Update 4.0 first impressions

When I first read the firmware update (4.0) rumors for my Fujifilm x-e2, big expectations were raised. Now after applying the update my expectations were mainly satisfied. As promised the autofocus got much quicker – which is in my opinion the most important result. The additional autofocus modes allow a better configuration for focussing. There are some […]

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Office365 Public Website anonymous users are unauthorized to view lists contents

If you are using the Office365 Public Page and you want to display lists and their content – which also includes the usage of RSS feeds you will see that not logged in users (anonymous ones) are not allowed to see these resources. An error message will be displayed to these users. Indeed this is a not expected behavior, because on the public web page you might expect that these content is accessible by anyone.

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iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, apple TV updates

There are several discussions going on about the latest updates of the apple products. iPad pro seems to be a handy and well designed product. Even the price seem to be ok, comparing it to its direct rivals like the Surface it is competitive. The iPhone changes are only slight and with the apple tv, apple is trying to get into the gaming and tv market. Currently missing is the real innovative character of these updates. Beside some smaller features in the products themselves no real new innovations are presented. Therefore we can expect the e-payment or the car sector:)

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