After reading through the manuals of the Yamaha N470d receiver I recognized that the usage of banana plugs are documented for the speakers but they are not for the receiver unit of the stereo device: The speaker input plug allows by default screwing the speaker cable into the plug. You will find a plastic protection.

To resolve that problem I googled the issue. I found several forum posts in which the users are describing that these plastic protections can be removed easily. And so they where: I took a flat small screwdriver and pulled the plastic nobs out. If you are careful the plastic protection is even not damaged. After the removal the speaker input supports banana plugs.

Please be aware that this worked for the Yamaha N470d receiver. I cannot guarantee that this behavior is the same on all other Yamaha Receivers. See the pictures below for the removed status.

5 thoughts to “Banana Plugs with Yamaha Receiver

  • Agostinho Spínola

    Hello Thomas, i have the same problem with my soavo 1 speakers.
    The standard 4mm banana plug just don’t fit in the speakers.
    I saw in internet o picture of a soavo speakers with a very short banana plug. A think these are the right ones to use but i don’t know the model or where to find them.
    Please let me know if you have any information about that.

    Kind regards,


  • Thomas

    Hi Amandio, i have used these ones:
    They should have a standard lenght, i guess. They are made for cable diameter up to 6mm². So far I made good experiences with them, the amazon reviews have been right!
    Cheers, Thomas

    • Agostinho Spínola

      Hello Thomas, thank you.
      A week ago i bought 4mm standard banana plugs from the same brand.
      I have at home 4mm BFA plugs but they don’t fit in length. After the first knob on the rear of the speaker the BFA don’t fit.
      After a email exchange with yamaha PT and (the number yamanha representative of Yamaha in France), both told me the 4mm BFA don’t work one some yamaha products because the contact area of the BFA is inside the plug and many yamaha devices don’t accept that plug model.
      They told tme the perfect plug for my soavos and amp is the standard 4mm because the 4mm contact area is around the plug and not inside.

      Do you think the 6mm will fit better?

      Kind regards,


  • Thomas

    Hi, i would try the recommended one. Try to buy it at a place where you can return them in case they dont fit.
    Let me know about the result, i am curios.

  • Kevin Thompson

    Hi Thomas, thanks for the advice on the little inserts on my Yamaha CRX-N470D. Thought I’d bought the wrong size plugs. Worked great.


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