Azure IoT Hub REST API testing with Postman
Sky Blue

Not many know and use it: Azure IoT Hub supports a REST API which can be used for sending and receiving messages. The example describes how it can be tested with postman. How does it work? Setup Azure Login to your Azure Subscripiton Create an IoT Hub Create an device and enable it Setup Device […]

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First learnings from Home Assistant home automation

My first experiences in playing around with home automation  are resulting in a running framework (basic network for extendibiltiy and integration). I am working with raspberry Pi and Home Assistant as central environment. The operating system is debian based, so it comes with all the debian features. Home Assistant is a layer on top with […]

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New Images in my Flickr Photo Stream

I have added some new, old images on my flickr photostream. The images have been made in last summer/autumn showing some impresssions from Opatja (Croatia), some more in December in Hongkong and some nature views. Mainly shot with Fujifilm XF 35f2 on X-e2, slight corrections only.

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Banana Plugs with Yamaha Receiver

After reading through the manuals of the Yamaha N470d receiver I recognized that the usage of banana plugs are documented for the speakers but they are not for the receiver unit of the stereo device: The speaker input plug allows by default screwing the speaker cable into the plug. You will find a plastic protection.

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Yamaha & Airplay & Zyxel 419N

After configuring the airplay feature of my Yamaha CRX-N470d I encountered issues with my wifi router. For the wifi I am using an Zyxel NBG-419N v2. The Zyxel router by default has the UPnP feature deactivated. To get the airplay running correctly on the Yamaha device the UPnP feature must be activated.

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Photostream re-activated

I have reactivated my photostream on my weblog. The origninals are hosted on flickr.

All photos are shot with an Fujifilm X-E2. My aim is to do not do any image postprocessing and show the possibilities of the Fujifilm camera – the published photos are JPEGs coming straight out of the camera. Most of them are shot in using the different Fujifilm film simulation modes. I will work on a post showing my presets.

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