Office365 Public Website anonymous users are unauthorized to view lists contents

If you are using the Office365 Public Page and you want to display lists and their content – which also includes the usage of RSS feeds you will see that not logged in users (anonymous ones) are not allowed to see these resources. An error message will be displayed to these users. Indeed this is a not expected behavior, because on the public web page you might expect that these content is accessible by anyone.

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Windows 10 install from USB

When installing the preview version of windows 10 using an USB 3.0 flash drive note that the Windows 7 usb dvd image creation tool will not work. The result is that when trying to boot the PC from the USB drive the screen will flicker once but will return to the boot device screen of bios.

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Sharepoint Bulk approval of items

If you have activated the content approval or even work with an approval workflow to approve items in your list or library you might have recognized that a bulk approval/rejection of items/documents is not possible. This blogpost shows how to create a possibility to bulk approve items/documents.

Therefore custom ribbon buttons are provided which call an application page (one per action, reject, approve, publish). The application page gets the selected items via query string parameter. The processing is done in the application pages, after the page closes the lists are refreshed.

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