If you are using the Office365 Public Page and you want to display lists and their content – which also includes the usage of RSS feeds you will see that not logged in users (anonymous ones) are not allowed to see these resources. An error message will be displayed to these users. Indeed this is a not expected behavior, because on the public web page you might expect that these content is accessible by anyone.

To solve this question, there is a codeplex solution available. The name of the project is anonymous365 (URL: http://anonymous365.codeplex.com/).

What do you have to do to get this working?

  1. First download the wsp file
  2. Then add the wps file to the solution galery of your publishing site
  3. If you havenot yet added any resources in the SharePoint online administration panel to that site collection you have to do that now:
    1. got to the SharePoint online administration panel
    2. Modify the public domain site collection and add resources to it (at least one)
  4. Now activate the solution in the site collection
  5. Now you can configure list access using the new ribbon UI directly in the list which you want to make possible to access anonymously.

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