Concerning my latest post on this topic I have to do some update: The current update (Java 7-Update) fixed the issue. I am now able to use the Citizen Card again on my Mac. Great.In this topic to me two things are very strange: Firstly, the statement in the forum of They advised me to do some hacking to solve my issue: Although I am working in IT I am an consumer in this topic: I do not want to begin hacking around to solve technical issues. Secondly, the integration and update politk of Java (Mac and Windows): I have to state that I am not familiar to the Java world, but who of you understand this update politik? Who of you understand the integration in the Mac system? When configuring the plug-in through the system configuration a new pop-up comes up(?!) where the configuration can be done. On my windows machines the plug-in wants to install updates nearly every day.

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