In daily business use it is often required to have comments on your list item or document in a SharePoint 2010 list or library. Before you start: It is recommended to plan this. SharePoint 2010 allows you to configure comments on list items or documents, but you have to do some (ootb) configuration.

Before you start

First, plan your database: although this customization is a standard procedure in SharePoint 2010 it is recommended to have an idea or a plan about the customization. Answer the following questions:

  • For which content type should the commenting be turned on?
  • Do you use workflows in your list/library?
  • Would you like to configure a separate column or would you like to use standard site columns?
  • Does this customization is governed?

Let`s go!

After you have planned this you can start an configure it. By default I use the SharePoint site column “append-only comments”, you can find it in group “base columns” of your site collection. I also use to configure the column for a specific content type – but decide as you need.

  1. Activate the Versioning in your library (library settings > versioning)
  2. Add a multi line of text column to your library (take regard in the append-text option at the bottom)
  3. That`s it: Now every item/document that is getting changed will have versioned comments.
If you use a document library: The recommended procedure is to create a column from a site column because the multi text column does not provide the append-text option.

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